Most of us consider a hair dryer as a personal grooming appliance. Of course, it is. It can actually do wonders to make your hair look great. But this small tool can also do a number of tasks which you have never thought of. Yes, it can be valuable in completing so many everyday jobs. So, let’s check out what else you can do with a hair dryer besides styling your hair.

Stretch Your New Pair of Shoes – You’ve just bought a new pair of shoes, and they are quite tight. Now what you can do is, put the shoes on with a pair of thick socks, and blow warm hair onto the heel area of the shoes for a minute or two. The heat will stretch out the leather, and there, you are good to go!

Dry Your Essentials before Packing – So, you’re going on a holiday and your toothbrush is still wet. Worry not! Use your hair dryer to dry your toothbrush, and even loofah, sponge, etc, before stuffing them in your bag.

Use it Against Diaper Rash – Mommies can relate to this! Babies who are prone to diaper rash are difficult to handle. But you can use a hair dryer – on the cool setting – to get the baby completely dry before putting on a diaper.

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