Rahul Phate's Research Product

Rahul Phate's Research products " Molecular Depths of Aesthetics " Rahul Phate's Research Products includes a range of Spa, Trichology and Skin care products also.

The range includes Ayurvedic treatment products and the cosmetic range. These products are uniquelly derived from extensive research of Mr. Rahul Phate.

Rahul Phate's Extensive research on the herbal products has also enabled him to bring in many scientific concepts and products.

These products are based on the ancient concept of Ayurveda, blended with the modern concepts of cosmeticology.

Rahul Phate's Research Products is the up-coming group from India now expanding to global market fastly.

We are engaged in R&D of innovative and effective product range. The effectivity comes from the deep study of skin and hair and the association of the molecular concepts of skin with the cosmetic, herbal and Ayurvedic contents.

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