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  • Natural occurring Plants, herbs and oils from Ancient times we have used in acne cure facial kit for skin and health care. This acne cure facial kit is for curing pimple and deep Acne. All ingredients are Anti inflammation and Antiseptic. Neem, Clove oil, Basil leaves, Ginger, Tea tree will ensure for cleaner and better looking skin.

    Turmeric and Sandal used for Antiseptic agent while Mint is for freshness of the skin tone and keeps the skin toned and fresh also. See the method then start the treatment. Do not massage any product on heavy Pimple skin. Just apply each product and leave on for good results.

    How to use this kit:

    Step 1. Anti Pimple Soap (Anti-Acne Soap):
    This Antiseptic, Anti inflammatory soap is 100% pure. Made of 100% Tea Tree oil.

    Directions: Firstly Apply the soap and make foam, massage gentle all over face and clean the skin. It will dry up the pimples. Every day twice need to clean up the skin with this soap.

    Step 2. Mint Recovering Gel (Mint Cleaner):
    This exclusive gel blended with mint & clove oil which helps in cleansing dust and pollution. Suitable for all skin types.

    Directions: Secondly Apply the Gel all over face and leave the gel on face for 5 to 7 minutes then massage very lightly and wipe off with wet cotton.

    Step 3. Tea Tree Serum (La Tinge):
    100% pure Tea Tree serum works wonders to cure Pimples.

    Directions: While doing the full treatment apply the serum all over face like a medicine and leave on do not wipe, apply the clove cream directly on top of the serum.

    Step 4. Turmeric & Mint Treatment Cream (Clovpel):
    This light weight cream is specially made for pimple cure treatment it is blended with different oils and herbs.

    Directions: Apply Clove cream on top of serum and leave it on for 15 minutes. After that do not remove the cream directly apply Neem pack

    Step 5. Neem Pack (Winter Green):
    Neem is famously know for its Anti inflammatory and Antiseptic properties. This Pack will help your skin give smooth skin tone and works to dry up the pimples.

    Directions: Neem is famously know for its Anti inflammatory and Antiseptic properties. This Pack will help your skin give smooth skin tone and also works to dry up the pimples.

    Step 6. Post Treatment Cream (Natural Base):
    This cream is beneficial for only Pimpled and Acne prone skin also. Turmeric, Neem, Tea Tree oil, this is total oil free cream.

    Directions: Apply the oil free Natural Base cream and leave on for the day. It has 20% SPF to protect the skin from UV rays. It`s good for daily use while going out during Summers and Winters.


    Use before 30 months from mfg date
    Mfg By:- Naturence herbals

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